Actually, good old paid for advertising and media really is cool

Printed and display media still cuts the mustard for building your brand.



Owen Advertising Limited, the media division of Owens, buys a huge amount of space in the marine marketplace, including many luxury and financial publications. The benefit to our customers is simple. We have the buying power to negotiate better rates. This can reduce your costs... or stretch your advertising budget a lot further and no media fees.

How do we do this? Quite simply we are a long established 'recognised' advertising agency. We act as a sales agency for the publications, that is where our revenue comes from. Not you.

Regardless, we return all negotiated savings to our customers and you benefit from not having to pay us for the media planning and coordination. We look after all that.... and take care of all those magazine sales calls too!


But what about the content? There is no point in just being in the media mix if your message, branding and proposition does not shine out and is heard above the 'ambient noise level' of everyone else. We develop engaging creative and visual advertisements that grabs attention and builds your marketing platform, driving traffic to your website, delivering sales prospects.


So using our media buying power is really a no-brainer if you want to get your advertising spend working effectively and your message cutting through... plus the extra benefits of using a digital agency to connect-in social media software tools to gauge ROI.


Being in a very strong position regarding media buying, it is not surprising that we are the first port of call for special last minute offers, sometimes at fraction of the rate-card price (we call this remnant advertising).

We take advantage of these offers and respond quickly, gaining extra exposure at a much reduced cost.


It does not stop there. We can develop a cost effective on-line strategy for you and craft a total advertising platform that sits across all media channels, including adwords and PPC.