Cross Media Marketing

What's 'Cross Media'?....simple, we join up all the digital 'dots' and printed material, into one campaign.   

The Owens Red Arrows sponsorship campaign we ran for the Monaco Yacht Show is still very relevant today (although we probably would use AR now and not QR codes!), demonstrates Cross Media Marketing being used in a personal and powerful way. Click on the link and view the video clip that shows how simple the whole process is. Imagine how this targeted system could make your boat show meetings more effective... and measure ROI too!

Click here to see the video

Today's digital channels have created new consumer behaviours. As the 'ambient-noise' levels increase in email/webmail marketing, direct mail is becoming a useful tool again. Effective marketeers are now using a combination of print and digital media to effectively reach new or existing customers with a one-to-one CMM communications tool.

Reach out and engage fully with your prospects and customers and build new sales through harnessing the power of a fully integrated CMM campaign.

Each of the channels you use, print or digital, can carry your branding effectively and use the benefits of these channels to the maximum without design compromise. Our CMM marketing suite has 'come of age' and we can make it work for you.