Marine Editorial and copy writing

Weaving those magic words     

Today's hungry media needs huge amounts of high quality content

Words are so important. Consistency or 'being on message' is crucial. Our editorial support for clients carefully builds a story line that will reverberate through all the marketing material. Surfacing in press releases, copy in collateral material, on the website and every nook and cranny where it can influence a customer. Brand building is built on words.


Owens produce comprehensive newsletters for many of our clients. With an accredited photojournalst in-house, interviews, either on-site, via email and Skype combine with magazine style photography to produce engaging and vibrant newsletters which can be yacht show support, direct marketing (DM) or presented on the website or used as part of a digital 'rich media' campaign. Exceptional ROI!


We have photographed, designed and produced many luxury coffee table books for sailing and motor yachts. Roy Roberts (International Press Card holder) has provided editorial and photojournalism for many leading yachting magazines, luxury, property and lifestyle.