History, yep we have a lot of that... but that's really good

So we put this to good use for your benefit...

We started off being different and that's still our cunning plan today.



Once upon a time, a long time ago (1969 to be exact) Owens burst on to the scene to do some really interesting marketing (we had to wait a few years for digital to catch up).

What makes us different is... well, being different. We have shaken up many vertical markets over time but always remained focused to become the very best in each market segment. Marine, especially Superyachts is one.


If you have the time here is the history bit

Owens was formed in 1969 by Roy Roberts. The year that man first set foot on the moon and the Beatles did their last gig. Our first ten years saw the whole Owen enterprise grow and expand dramatically both in the marketing field and other support areas such as print and photography.

At this point in our life the office was at 61 South Street, Havant, Hampshire UK, a three storey Georgian house which we rented. In 1980 we purchased and renovated Hall Place, the manor house of Havant and after 36 years we decided to sell this property and relocate to the rural setting we have today. This period saw our vibrant enterprise grow into a full service agency with a powerful digital team. Our current growth is across all channels.

Just two years after the start-up Owens won the Lewmar Marine account and started Owen Marine Marketing to specialise in this market, this important relationship with Lewmar lasted over 25 years. Our marketing support helped Lewmar grow from a small factory in Emsworth UK to the No.1 winch brand in the world, Owens input was very much part of the marketing journey of this high profile company.

This association and a host of other marine brand names soon created a strong specialisation in the marine marketplace. Another long term client, Sunsail (first Greek Sail then Island Sailing) came to Owens in 1980 when we produced their very first brochure. Since 1985, an unbroken photographic support programme produced memorable images throughout the lifetime of Sunsail up to 2005 and their new ownership.

Another key customer, Royal Huisman, a jewel in our crown for more than 30 years with high quality marketing, PR, photography, video, collateral materials and Owens marketing support, set Huismans apart from other yards and created a standard for others to follow.

Our marine client list spans Europe, Turkey and the USA and our marketing expertise reaches out to high net worth individuals in the world's emerging markets. Our work with blue-chip accounts created the experience and in-depth knowledge of the international marine marketplace that now supports our current activities. That today has grown into a powerful enterprise that delivers results.

The body of work produced by The Owen Agency as a whole makes a very impressive list, both in marine, superyacht and other market sectors including a new venture into Life Sciences with Owen Health.

See the client list for the full picture... literally from A to Z!