Marketing Management Services

Make Owen your 'marketing department'. It will save you money and always be up to date in all the fast evolving digital channels    

Marketing channels are complex and require a large team of experts to be competitive


Traditional marketing revolved around advertising, brochures, exhibitions/boat shows and a few press releases. Today it encompasses a much extended range of tools and requires a fundamental understanding of all digital operations, platforms and social media. With more complexity in how your customer arrives at a positive sales conclusion, the 'customer journey' needs to be researched and identified by experts in this field.

The digital world pervades all the marketing operations and a skill base across a wide area is needed to keep abreast of the constant changes that now drive modern marketing, a look through the services outlined in this Owen Superyacht Marketing website illustrate the wide knowledge base needed to run an effective marketing department.


Several of Owens customers have asked us to become their 'virtual' marketing department, supporting a marketing manager or director.

Owens now have dedicated divisions that specialise in areas that are important to your marketing and sales requirements. At the centre are our account managers; marketing people with an in-depth knowledge of how the wealth of digital tools work, the back office has powerful Management Information Systems and traffic managers that help you track all your marketing activities, provide you with Gantt charts to run your marketing programme and generally free you up to run your business smoothly. Social media has become an important part of the marketing landscape so Owens have added resources to our team to manage social media tools.

As a useful analogy we offer a similar turn-key service as Yacht Management. The owner and captain run the yacht and the yacht management company sort the rest in a professional and accountable manner.

Working out a time schedule for all the functions you will need for a period (usually 12 months) and identify the total cost, schedule a programme that fits with your marketing profile and agree a monthly fee based on the projected time calculated. All requirements are accurately costed in advance and inserted into the programme. This can be the advertising requirement, PR activites, website updates, social media, right through all the other marketing tools. In some cases all activities are incorporated into a monthly payment plan... good for the client and for us because, like you, we can plan our cashflow.

We would be pleased to discuss this Owen solution with you.