Owen Superyacht Marketing.

The Oceans’ Best Address.

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In the UK:

Longcroft Barn
Priors Leaze Lane
PO18 8RH
United Kingdom

t. 023 0248 6566

In the EU

Bel Air Gardens
Urb Bel Air
Calle Hinojo

The Oceans’ Best Address in superyacht marketing for printed material, design, production and DM distribution

With the high ambient ‘noise’ levels of digital marketing across all channels, Direct Marketing (DM) is finding a strong position in delivering marketing propositions directly to the client, cutting through the noise with accurate targeting, some say that ”paper is the new digital”. Recent statistics state that the average person receives at least 16 emails every hour with DM stats pointing to a 57% open rate with a high retention of information.

The Owen creative studios combine high-end design with the technical skills to produce the digital artwork and manage the print at the point of ink on paper. We research, write and produce news magazines and organise the targeted distribution. Alongside the yacht photography, we design and produce corporate brochures and case bound books for yachts and shipyards.