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So here are some of our thoughts.

  • 'Shoe leather marketing' is on hold So what do we recommend now? Like a lot of public life, from concerts to sports, the whole events market has come to a complete standstill

  • Traditionally, B2B marketing and sales teams have tended to work autonomously. As the lines blur between where the handover occurs between sales and marketing teams the role of account-based marketing

  • Discover, Define, Design and Develop With decades of experience across multi-channel marketing and brand planning we’re here to help brand managers with our Multi-channel Marketing Brand Planning Methodology. Our 4-phase methodology will

  • The pandemic has turned the business world on its head but created new opportunities for smaller enterprises, even ones that did not exist before. As marketing specialists, Owens are perfectly

  • Customer Experience Design (CX) is the practice of designing products and services with the focus on the quality and thoughtfulness of the user experience. Every touchpoint within the customer's interaction

  • They are much more than just a public relations exercise

  • Working from home has become the 'new normal' but how could it affect your business in the short and longer term? First a prescient comment from Sir John Timson, Chairman of UK

  • The average person receives 121 emails per working day. So working an average of 7.5 hours equates to 16.13 emails per hour to read assess the value and digest. It’s

  • Fresh ideas and a step-change is the solution to building back enquiries and sales  After many interesting conversations across several market sectors served by the Owen Group, the question being asked

  • The news magazine for the Hill Robinson Group. Created inside the Covid-19 lockdown period by the team at Owen Superyacht Marketing and the marketing department at Hill Robinson, HarbouR news number

  • With a long history in producing some of the finest videos in the yachting industry, many for Royal Huisman, including a film for German TV and KLM and several other

  • Or try the 'right message, right person, right time' method Load up your marketing platform with your message and fire!

  • A1 Yachting, the largest and most comprehensive yacht agency in Greece and her islands are extremely proud of their homeland and will go out of their way to ensure that

  • The photography of yachts has always played a major part in the client service toolbox for Owen, shooting over 150 superyachts around the world from the Far East, the USA

  • 'Track and Trace' has brought an old friend back to life. So how can we use this new beginning? As the world  drew-up a  battle plan against Covid-19, one of the most powerful tools

  • Who doesn't love a colourful and eye-catching regatta poster? Well it seems no-one, so it was a labour of love when a late evening phone call in 2015 from the

  • Some business names themselves say it all, such as Turquoise Yachts. they create a memorable impact, yachts built in Turkey's turquoise waters. They don’t really need to add a tagline.

  • Looking back at successful Owen marketing campaigns that made a big impact and ready to be repurposed for 2021 Video, training and employee relations Making videos has always been one of the