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No Boat Shows? Time for some fresh strategies

‘Shoe leather marketing’ is on hold

So what do we recommend now?

Like a lot of public life, from concerts to sports, the whole events market has come to a complete standstill for the foreseeable future. Suddenly a key marketing channel has been taken away from the marine sector from the key yacht and boat shows to marine trade shows (except for FLIBS at this time) plus a raft of other industry events, awards and showcases.
The maxim ‘show and tell’ was particularly relevant to both the yachts, that are the stars of the shows, but just as importantly to the long supply chain that adds the foundation to the industry. So what is the answer to losing this marketing channel?

Rethinking the marketing strategy

Looking beyond the optics of the marine leisure industry, all other vertical markets that revolve around trade shows for product launches and conferences for their marketing focus are facing the same challenge of re-calibrating their marketing strategy to compensate for the loss of the ‘showcase’ channel. 
Owen Superyacht marketing has a major benefit of being part of The Owen Group which has blue chip clients in health, pharma, luxury travel and many more. We set about talking to all our marketing contacts across many industry sectors and tuned in on the collective research considerations and solutions. The results are highly valuable and clearly illuminates the shape of a strategy that will mitigate the loss of the yacht and equipment shows

Could we help you fix it?

Firstly, you need an engineering approach, that’s the way we work, grown-up strategic thinking before we even look into our big marketing toolbox. There are solutions for you that are tried and tested in many other market segments, Customer Experience Design (CX) and Customer Journey Mapping come quickly to mind along with an SEO and social media reset. In a nutshell, we have total confidence that we can curate a different approach for you to get the sales traction and marketing momentum moving again.

No Boat Shows? Time for some fresh strategies, so as we say ‘talk to us’